At Tornado we have a great past, an ancestry of boats legendary for the exceptional constructive quality, the recognized reliability at sea and the excellent performances. Classic, elegant and respectful of the environment with extremely restrained wastes. “Open” boats charged with charm and prestige.

The founder of Tornado is the veteran in offshore racing Carlo Marchiolo; the year is 1968.

The first speedboat in the Tornado era to take form is a 35 feet, inspired by the lines of the Cigarette; there is an immediate attention imposed from the international agonistic world and within a few months from its launch in 1969, this hull, strongly US inspired, will win the offshore championship class 3.



The early 70s are filled with other prestigious victories that enhance the glamor of the Tornado brand. The unforgettable “yellow Tornado” hull will arrive on the podium of the prestigious Wills Trophy, conducted by one of the major protagonists of this open sea sport; Vincenzo Balestrieri. Winning a gold medal in track and field in 1940 at the age of 14, Vincenzo Balestrieri has pursued his athletic career at sea, winning 28 international competitions and becoming, along Sam Griffith and Don Aronow, a true legend. His winnings at the Viareggio-Bastia-Viareggio in 1970 and 1972, at the Naples Trophy again in 1970, are the legendary years of “black Tornado”.




From the experience in sporting competitions, the first boats for yachting are born, which manage to combine comfort and performance by merging the performance of the models created for the races and a classic style always current.

It’s the year 1977, and during the course of the Genoa International Boat Show the meeting takes place with Tom Fexas, one of the most brilliant minds of the international yacht designing. It’s believed that, to contribute to the body of the genius of the designer, that at the moment of his premature disappearance in 2006, you could count over a thousand of his projects in navigation across the world. From that moment will originate the Tornado 39 Hawk, destined for the competitive world, the Eleven, the 44’ Express and the 45 feet.



The passion for competitions continues to be a powerful driving force of the Shipyard of Fiumicino; it was in 1991 when on board of a Tornado 38’, Adriano Panatta wins the Venezia-Montecarlo, a fascinating offshore race that he won again in 1997 using yet another Tornado, the 45’. During the course of various interviews, Panatta will declare that “that boat was constructed specially for the Venezia-Montecarlo where it expressed its quality at the fullest. It gave me incredible satisfactions, especially in the first edition which I will never forget. But its timelessness, even though it was born for that race, was due to the fact that it won again and many more times in completely different races, just like those in which I regularly participated.” “Tornado boats are very competitive, well built in all their segments, with the concept of putting at the heart the marine qualities and not just its power.”



Tornado begins a new course with Daniele Parisi, shipwright from 3 generation back and founder of Cantieri Parisi. The new Tornado 38 is launched, conceived in continuity with tradition, but inspired to contemporary design philosphies. The deep V hull, structurally made with laminated biaxal glass fiber and vinylester resin, represents the base for the technological innovations and design that substantiate the revisiting of a great classic of Italian yachting.


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