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Tornado 38

The hull presents itself with its typical low and slender profile, underlined by a slightly inverted sheer that maintains a constant curvature range for all its length, whilst the decks reverse mould accompanies the course by moderately elevating itself on the waterway line, well highlighted by a steel saddle tank.

The cockpit, logical and linear, features a wide L-shaped sofa on the left side, serviced by a electronically controlled table that can be regulated in its height, to the point of camouflaging itself completely within the teak board flooring, just beside the hatch permitting access to a voluminous hold.

Under deck we have opted for a single luminous ambience that goes far beyond the memory of the original layout. Indeed, that sense of tightness that the interiors of the precedent editions gave off – moreover very common in almost all sporty motorboats of those dimensions – has left space for a surprising sense of openness, permitted by a skilful structuring of the functional areas.

The maritime qualities of the T38 remain unaltered in time, therefore guaranteeing to the newborn management, a particularity that make it unique in its commercial segment. There has been indeed a devotion to a great planning commitment to innovate to the new habitability criteria’s both the cockpit and all the interior spaces, which appear totally renews and available in three different versions.