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Tornado 45

Even though the new management hasn’t realized the new Tornado 45, we are available for the creation of this model, using the mathematics from the 45’s hull, and with the same possibility of customization in the layout and solutions for the interiors just like our other models.



The distinctive elements of the Tornado production where: the search for safe technological solutions, the quality of the materials and a particular attention to the design.

These are the premises that have inspired the project of the Tornado 45, a boat under the sign of the continuity that proposed itself as an elegant open, slender and sober lines, with a rigorously sporty personality.

The Tornado 45 is born from the project of the renowned American designer Tom Fexas; it immediately distinguished itself for its racy line and a decisively pointed head able to express a strong image with character and great personality.

The commercial success arrives conjunctively with the successes of the hull, which is awarded with the victory in the prestigious 1997 offshore race “Venezia – Montecarlo”; the driver was the famous Italian sport champion Adriano Panatta. The boat, which was presented as an international preview at the 2008 Genoa Boat Show, is the result of a careful restyling of the deck and cockpit accomplished by the engineer Francesco Guida.