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Tornado 50S

The particular development of this first specimen of the new generation has gone through the strict offices of Volvo Penta who, by carrying out a long series of calculations, measures and tests, has brought the hull-propulsion system to a perfect tuning.

Notice the modification that the Swedish company’s engineers have brought to the original round bilge bottom, which now has a chine that is pronounced especially towards the stern.

Another important modification, although far from secondary for a top of the range hull, is represented by the substitution of the “old” flap with the very modern interceptor.

Under deck, the first impression of space and even lighting – quite surprising if you think that the flush deck setting of the hull and the presence of only small electrical portlights – is due to the remarkable physical measures of the ambiences and to the minimalist forms of the furnishings, perfectly coherent with their natural white colour.

The Tornado 50, flagship of the Tornado fleet, maintains the classic and unmistakable style that has made the shipyard famous around the world. Redesigned the hydraulic and electrical systems, in accordance with the times, maintains its elegance and commodity of intelligently distributed ambiences, and with the utilization of latest generation materials. The Tornado 50, just like the rest of the Tornado production, provides various layouts and solutions for the interiors.